A Non-Profit Association for

Keele University Alumni in the USA


How to Support Keele in the USA and its Scholarships

Keele in the USA (formerly the North American Foundation for Keele University, Inc.) is an autonomous charitable foundation enabling tax-efficient donations by American taxpayers. We ask for your help to provide vital support for students who are struggling financially or face barriers to taking up their places at Keele University.

Equality of access is part of Keele’s DNA. As early as 1925 our founder, Lord Lindsay, spoke of creating a "people's university" and his work with the Worker’s Educational Association provided the impetus that led to the creation of a new university. Keele has always welcomed students according to their abilities and potential, not their family's income or background.

To maintain this proud tradition, we depend on the wider Keele community of alumni. Your support can help ensure students from lower income backgrounds, or those who face a range of other challenges, can come to Keele and make the most of their time there. Simply put, your gift could be the difference between a student attending Keele or not.

To donate to our 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the IRS, please use the PayPal button below or send your check to:

Keele in the USA Foundation
11512 El Camino Real, Suite 350
San Diego, CA 92130
​Attn.: Treasurer

​If you know your Unique Reference Number, please include it on your check. However, it's not required. Either way, we especially encourage the use of checks, since there are no service fees and thus the full amount of your donation benefits Keele and its students.