A Non-Profit Association for

Keele University Alumni in the USA

Keele in the USA was formerly known as the North American Foundation for Keele University, Inc. (NAFKU). The Foundation served both American and Canadian alumni. In 2013, NAFKU was renamed Keele in the USA and continues to serve American alumni. The work of the Foundation continues in collaboration with Keele University’s Keele in the USA alumni network.

We invite alumni of Keele University living in the United States or who are American citizens to get involved in Keele in the USA.

For Keele, the term "alumni" refers to all students who have completed at least one semester of study at the University College of North Staffordshire (1949–1961) and Keele University (since 1962), including those on international exchange or study abroad.

There are no membership fees and no subscription charges – you automatically become a member on leaving Keele.