Each year Keele University welcomes excellent students from the United States. The generosity of American alumni enables Keele to extend exciting opportunities for U.S. students to benefit from a unique educational experience.

Keele in the USA (formerly North American Foundation for Keele University or NAFKU) scholarships may be awarded to a student applying to pursue an approved undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Keele University. Each scholarship is valued at $4,000.

Applications are invited from American citizens who meet the eligibility requirements for study in the United Kingdom. In addition, applicants must meet academic and other entry requirements for the relevant course and have sufficient funding to meet the costs of the course.

Applicants must show evidence of scholarly, academic or professional excellence and give good reasons for wishing to pursue study at Keele University. Members of the Keele in the USA board will be involved in the selection process for awards.

Keele University also offers opportunities through the Fulbright Commission and the Marshall Commission.

Keele University acknowledges the generosity of NAFKU for the creation of The Neil and Gina Smith Student of the Year Award.

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Keele University Alumni in the USA